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KAIZEN BASE, Inc. supports the improvement of
on-site capabilities and Human Resource education

    About KAIZEN BASE, Inc.

    KAIZEN BASE, Inc. contributes to the improvement of your company’s profitability by supporting the improvement of on-site capabilities and kaizen.

    KAIZEN BASE supports companies in improving their on-site capabilities and kaizen. We solve the following problems for companies with on-site operations.

    Human resource training is important, but I don’t have the time.

    We are conducting human resource training, but it is not systematic.

    Human resource training has not led to any changes in employee behavior.

    We are not able to implement practical improvement and reform activities that produce results.

    We contribute to human resource development and corporate profitability through our corporate membership service with unlimited access to excellent content, support services for corporate training and education system development, and practical consulting services that generate results.


Profit Improvement = Human Resource Development x Improvement and Reform Activities

The following services are provided by KAIZEN BASE, Inc. for corporate customers.

Human resources education content provision service

  • Corporate plan

    Corporate plan

    The Corporate Plan Service is a subscription-based e-learning service that allows you to learn the learning content you need, when you need it, and in the amount you need. The number of courses to study can be freely selected according to the plan you sign up for. The number of courses you study can be changed every 6 months.

  • Single contents plan

    Single contents plan

    The Single Contents Plan is a service where you can apply for a single course that you want to learn. This service is more expensive per course than the corporate membership service, but it is ideal for those who only want to study a specific course or want to try it out.

  • Original contents plan

    Original contents plan

    Why don’t you create an original video that suits your company and build a more practical learning system? At KAIZEN BASE, we make use of our content production technology for many e-learning courses to produce custom-made original videos for companies.

Training and Consulting Services

  • In house seminar

    In house seminar

    At KAIZEN BASE, we offer semi-customized and custom-made training programs using our extensive educational content. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to use the contents of KAIZEN BASE’s courses and add your own original content.

  • Consulting service

    Consulting service

    We provide a new type of factory reform and site improvement consulting service that is possible only with KAIZEN BASE, which has a large amount of educational content as its base. By combining human resource training and reform activities, it is possible to carry out continuous activities that are not temporary.

  • Human resource development

    Human resource development

    In human resource development, it is not enough to have training materials and content. At KAIZEN BASE, we can help you build an education system tailored to your company, including what to teach, when to teach it, and how and by whom to evaluate it.

1.2 million people uses Kaizen information site every year!

KAIZEN BASE, Inc. delivers Kaizen courses specializing in companies with workplaces with the concept of making Kaizen closer to you and bringing Kaizen to the world. We provide high-quality content such as Toyota Production System, 5S, Human Error, Ho-Ren-So, points of practical activities and applications.